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Greatness Leaves No Doubt!


A Commitment
to Excellence!


"Every Basketball Dream Has Potential, but not without an action plan to turn your dream into reality."

Basketball Net

“Greg may be the brightest of all the young assistants that came through UCLA. 
He has the total package.”


John Wooden, UCLA (10 National Championships) Basketball Hall of Fame

History of Success

Wealth of Knowledge

Greg is among the nation’s elite basketball coaches and motivational speakers. After a record-setting, Hall-of-Fame playing career at Marshall University, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a Master's Degree in Sports Management, Greg spent three decades in college basketball coaching at UCLA (11 national championships), Marshall University, The University of Charleston, and The University of Pikeville. During his illustrious career as a player and coach, Greg accomplished many honors and accolades, in addition, he participated in more than 500 victories and coached 5 NBA players and 51 European pros. As a head coach, he managed to maintain a 95% graduation rate (top 1% in college basketball), and his graduates work successfully in various walks of life. Greg’s teams won numerous championships, and he won multiple Coach-of-the-Year awards. Greg's basketball camps are one of the longest-tenured and largest-attended sports camps in West Virginia and the United States, attracting over 45,000 campers from 37 states and several European countries.


As a senior, Greg was West Virginia's High School Player of the Year and was selected as a High School All-American, once scoring 50 points and having 15 assists in the same game. Greg was recruited by WVU, Duke, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Wake Forest, Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State, and numerous others.


Greg is also an acclaimed motivational speaker ( who speaks in the Education and Corporate markets throughout the United States and has done over 3,000 Winning Edge presentations while representing Converse, Reebok, AND1, and Nike as a worldwide motivational speaker and consultant. 

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At Greg White Basketball We Focus On:


I offer individual and group sessions:  I train individuals (boys and girls) who are interested in becoming skilled basketball players. Every individual’s improvement starts with self-image, realistic goal-setting, work ethic, proper technique, and repetition of skills. The mental is to the physical as 4 is to 1. You must know what to do and how to practice to improve your skills. You must gain overall knowledge of the game, have clarity of what your goals are, and have the required personal commitment to accomplish your goals. I TEACH FUN-DAMENTALS,

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I assist high school student-athletes (boys and girls) on how to chase their dream of playing college basketball. I teach players and families what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Now, the transfer portal is a REAL GAME CHANGER, both positively and negatively. There are 2,000+ colleges and universities out there providing plenty of opportunities for motivated student-athletes. Greg also reviews the positives/negatives of AAU Basketball in our current environment. THINK BIG!  

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Since 1980, 45,000 basketball campers (boys and girls) have participated in Greg White Basketball Camps. Thousands of campers have gone on to play successful youth, middle school, high school, and college gaining an assist from Greg’s camps. Several of Greg's campers have made it to the NBA and WNBA. WE TEACH FUN-DAMENTALS,

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Clinics are built to travel. Clinics are hosted at your high school or junior high for one or two days. I will conduct all clinics. I teach basic-to-advanced fundamentals on all aspects of the game (dribbling, ball-handling, shooting, lay-ups, passing, free throws, defense, etc). I operate on a flat rate fee or a percentage split. I've traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe teaching basketball fundamentals to thousands. THINK BIG!!

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How to start your career in coaching! How to start a training business! How to start your own basketball camps! How to run a basketball program! How to successfully raise money for your basketball program! How to set basketball goals! How to navigate the pitfalls of AAU Basketball! And much, much more.  Coach White has consulted with all levels of coaches (NBA, college, high school, youth), parents, and student-athletes. His years of experience in the business of basketball can help you establish a working business model to succeed in yours.


Call 1-855-836-2830 to schedule a consultation.



Coach White's Little Wizards and Advanced Skill Camps are held every summer and are one of the most sought-after camp experiences in the country. Coach White and his experienced staff give individual instruction to ensure maximum learning. The camps are open to boys and girls ages 5 to 16.  Questions, call Coach White at 304-550-7888.
These camps will sell out!
Hear what they're saying
about Coach White's camps:
Coach John Calipari

"When it comes to summer basketball camps Greg White is the absolute best!"


~John Calipari,

University of Arkansas Head Coach

"Greg White is so inspirational. It is amazing to me to see each kid associated with the camp listening and doing everything that is asked of them. The coaches that work at the camp are great with the kids and offer encouragement and enthusiasm. The entire program is first class. The camp environment is professional at all times and something that will benefit every child even if they choose not to play basketball because of the life lessons taught by Coach White to every participant. The camp is one of a kind." 

Adam Morrison, parent

Charleston, WV

Basketball Players


So, you want to play college basketball? 

The opportunity exists with student-athletes (boys and girls) who are truly motivated to do so. There are slightly more than 2,000 colleges that have basketball programs at five different levels. They are Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA, and Junior College. They all recruit basketball players in an attempt to field a strong team to compete and win their respective championships.
There are currently 500,000 boys and 500,000 girls playing high school basketball currently in the United States, but only 5% (25,000 boys and 25,000 girls) play basketball at various colleges and universities. 

Many dynamics go into landing on a college team. Many players go on to play college basketball and flourish while many do not. For every one player who has that amazing experience, there is also one that has a frustrating experience that forces them to transfer. Transferring schools is a risky business because there is no guarantee that the school you transfer to is right for you either. Now, the transfer portal is a REAL GAME CHANGER, both positively and negatively.
I stron
gly believe that 95% of the frustration could be avoided if the PLAYERS and PARENTS had the knowledge to make proper decisions. That is where my "RECRUITING SUCCESS EXPANDER" comes into play. This program covers the essentials that can make or break your decision. With over 300 Insider Tips, It will assist the student-athlete and parents with appropriate knowledge to make an informed and educated decision.  Many parents want to help but do not know how.  HERE IS YOUR STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE. 


Boy training with balls
Individual Lessons

I train individuals (boys and girls) on the fundamentals of basketball. The mental is to the physical as 4 is to 1. 
I teach "PART TO WHOLE" starting with the most basic things of how to stand, how to hold the ball, what to think about when you have the ball. etc.

kids working out during basketball camp
Group Lessons

My groups will be athletes (boys and girls) who are beginners, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. The training is intense, interactive skill development needed to master the fundamentals of basketball and increase your playing ability. 

kids listening to Coach white during teaching
Team Lessons

Teams will learn fundamental skill development and successful team play. The training is intensive and interactive that promises to improve everyone involved. The mental is to the physical as 4 is to 1.


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Clinics hosted at your high school or junior/middle high for one or two days. Coach White will conduct all clinics. Built to travel. Some of the drills covered in the clinic are listed below:
The Big 5:
Stance | Concentration | Quickness | Balance | Play Hard
coach white's Big 5 clinic
Basics First
coach white teaching basketball basics
Developing Your Dribble
coach white teaching dribbling
“Opportunity comes to everyone. Some people accept it, some do not. Only those who do, find fulfillment in life. Whether you accept opportunity is not a matter of chance, but of choice. When opportunity comes, choose to accept, for it is on the wings of opportunity that your desire will be carried toward success.”
“Opportunity comes to everyone. Some people accept it, some do not. Only those who do, find fulfillment in life. Whether you accept opportunity is not a matter of chance, but of choice. When opportunity comes, choose to accept, for it is on the wings of opportunity that your desire will be carried toward success.”
Greg White Basketball

Find Your Passion,
Chase Your Dreams!

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