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My son had never dribbled a basketball until attending the Greg White Camp. He walked in very nervous. Coach White quickly eased his mind as he started his first day.  On day two, he was up and ready to go to camp two hours early. Each day he would come home and show us what he had learned. He would not put his basketball down. He progressed so much every day. On Friday I went to the awards presentation and I could not believe my son was dribbling with his right and left hands at full speed. For an even bigger surprise, he was dribbling through his legs and behind his back. He also learned something about every fundamental. The camp was simply amazing and I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed. I predict you will have a similar experience.

Dave Marshall, parent

Lexington, KY


The camp teaches listening, work ethic and enthusiasm.  It is also a very structured environment where you are forced to listen and learn. Coach White was there every second and my daughter loved him and all the coaches.  The motivational sessions before and after camp are really something that every individual needs to hear. I cannot think of a better camp for kids to learn and grow with the game of basketball. I give it a 12 on a 10 point scale.

Rick Parsons, parent

Beckley, WV


I am 14 years old and my parents have sent me to camps at Duke, WVU, North Carolina, Kentucky, and South Carolina.  I learned more in the first three days at the Greg White camp than I did in all the of those other camps combined. It was just a great camp to learn and have fun. Also, Coach White was there every second.  In those other camps, the head coaches only made it to the camp for special appearances. If you are looking to learn the game of basketball this is a perfect camp.

Toby Beckfield, camper

Ashland, KY


You guys are miracle workers. The basketball camp taught my son how to practice and improve his skills. He will not put his basketball down and plays for hours each day in our driveway. He is so motivated to play high school basketball and has the goal of playing in college. Thank you for taking the time to help him understand the importance of setting goals and working hard. We will be back next year. 

Teddy Johnson, parent

Charleston, WV


Greg White is so inspirational. It is amazing to me to see each kid associated with the camp listening and doing everything that is asked of them. The coaches that work at the camp are great with the kids and offer encouragement and enthusiasm. The entire program is first class. The camp environment is professional at all times and something that will benefit every child even if they choose not to play basketball because of the life lessons taught by Coach White to every participant. The camp is one of a kind.

Adam Morrison, parent

Charleston, WV


I really liked everything about the camp. But, I especially liked the motivational sessions that begin each day. The topics were academics, manners, goal setting, listening in school, listening to your parents, staying away from drugs and alcohol and just the overall importance of having good character. This camp will greatly benefit anyone who participates.

Mike Parsons, parent

Bluefield, VA


Greg may be the brightest of all the young assistants that came through UCLA in the 80's & 90's. He has the total package.

John Wooden

UCLA (10 National Championships) Basketball Hall of Fame


When it comes to summer basketball camps, Greg White is the absolute best!

John Calipari, Head Coach

University of Kentucky


I grew up in Coach White's camps. Greg is the most powerful, energetic, motivated individual I've ever been associated with. Without a doubt, the best camp guy out there.

Donnie Jones, Head Coach

Stetson University


Greg White is incredible at running camp. Kids gravitate to him. When he ran our camps they were a smooth-running machine. In my 20 years at UCLA, he is the best ever.

Doug Erickson, Assistant Coach



Coach White showed me the real importance of paying attention to detail. He showed me that with perfection, anything can work. He gave me all the things I needed to be successful in life first and then basketball. With Coach White, I was able to accomplish personal goals within a team concept because he is the ultimate player's coach.

Keith Veney, former player (NCAA record - 15 3s in one game)

CEO of Veney Management Group


White's influence and inspiration changed my life. Since I met him, I have never been afraid to go after what I wanted. If I've fallen along the way, I have had the courage to stand up, dust myself off and continue on my intended path. Greg White embodies everything a role model should be. He motivates everyone around him to aspire to greatness in all aspects of life.

Charles J. Basham

Major, United States Marine Corps


My son, Will (age 6), and my daughter, Lila (age 5) have been attending your camp this week. Neither had ever touched a basketball before this week. They are in heaven. You and your staff have taught them so much in such a short time. I am amazed. Tonight, I had to force Will to go to bed two hours past his bedtime -- he had been practicing dribbling (in my kitchen!) for three hours.  He keeps telling me he "won't quit" and had to "work hard." Lila told my husband that she will be able to spin a basketball on her finger soon, she just needs to keep practicing. Makes me so happy!

It has also been a joy for me to watch you coach. The energy you show is inspiring. I particularly loved when you spoke about Alexa and her drive to do well and work hard in school. You know how much I enjoyed working with her this year. Thank you for giving my children an opportunity to learn so much this week!

Shannon Vollmer

Parent of camper


Thank you so much for your basketball camp. I had such a great time and learned so much from the experience. It was an important and exciting part of my summer. I loved all the teaching of basketball fundamentals and truly enjoyed the guest speakers. I will continue to practice and look forward to next season.

Nora Riffle, camper

Charleston, WV


One of the best decisions of my life was going to Marshall University to play for Coach Greg White. He showed me that with hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm that anything is possible. Today, I am not only a better coach from my time spent with Coach White, but I'm also a better person! His coaching of the fundamentals of the game of basketball is second to none. Coach White knows how to push the right buttons to pull your best effort and performance out of you. He is great with kids of all age groups. 

Cornelius Jackson, former player

Marshall University, Assistant Coach


Greg, your basketball camp was awesome. We came away with immediate results... excellent ballhandling skills, and she gained perspective on team building and listening and working together. We thank you so much!!

Molly Erlandson, parent

Charleston, WV


Thank you for allowing my brothers and me to attend your camp. I really enjoyed and learned so much about basketball. I also learned a lot about character and discipline. All of your coaches were excellent and fun to be around. I still have my shirts and basketballs from all my previous years. Hope to see you again next summer.

Kathryn Hamlin, camper

Johnson City, TN


The Greg White basketball camp is like an intense movie.  You need to go thru it a couple of times to pick up all the details associated with the camp. My child has been five years in a row and loves it. It is the highlight of every summer.

Ben Rhoades, parent

Charleston, WV


Coach White teaches great basketball!! But his teaching of basic values such as self-discipline, courtesy, parental respect and teamwork are just a few concepts that he teaches that really stand out. My kids loved it.

Ed Hamrick, parent

Elkview, WV


I think this camp is wonderful to teach the kids fundamentals of basketball along with the rules of life, how to be a good player, and how to have a good attitude. He stresses listening to your parents, being respectful to your teachers, to make good grades. The combination of everything he does is a wonderful camp for kids. He has great coaches; they all listen, they all are on the same page, and they know where to be at all times. 

Natasha Lowe, parent

Buffalo, WV


This is our second year. The first year was great, this year is even better. We have seen a lot of improvements and look forward to many more years to come. 

Scot Casdorph, parent

Charleston, WV


I was speaking with a candidate about a job and he has a son who is big into Basketball. The kid needs/wants to learn how to handle a basketball and you are the first person I thought of.

Just wanted you to know you left a great impression on me and to this point in my life I carry the discipline, grit, and commitment you taught me years ago. I’ve been blessed far beyond what I could imagine because of the time you invested in me from the age of 10-years old.

I hope I can send some kids to your camp next year and I would love to see you when I come to West Virginia for work! I hope life is amazing for you as you were a wonderful example for me to learn from as a young adult.

Tom Goins, former camper

Indianapolis, IN


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