Basketball goal setting can provide numerous personal and professional advantages; however, many of us fail to take advantage of this tool. Without basketball goal setting, it can be difficult to attain your desires. It is far too easy to become distracted and sidetracked by outside forces. Basketball goal setting gives you the discipline and control you need to harness your desires and use them to motivate yourself. 

Ideally, basketball goal setting should be performed on a routine basis. You have to personally decide what it is you want to accomplish, and then develop a step-by-step plan by which these basketball goals can be obtained. Ultimately, basketball goal setting allows you to develop a road map for where you want to go in your basketball life. Without basketball goal setting, you are much more likely to wander around aimlessly. 


Concrete basketball goal setting requires real-time and effort. You will also need to continuously update your goals, as old goals are accomplished and new desires form. 

At first, you may not be able to see the difference basketball goal setting can make in your life; however, sooner or later, the importance of basketball goal setting will manifest itself. I like to refer to successful goal-setters as “MEANINGFUL SPECIFICS.”  They know what they want, know exactly what they have to do to go after it. To those people who do not set basketball goals, I refer to them as “WONDERING GENERALITIES.” They float through life aimlessly towards each day living for the now, not the future. 




Decide what you want in your basketball life. Make a decision that comes from deep inside you. This means getting to know yourself.  Identify the things you do well and the things you enjoy doing. Get familiar with the way you respond to your environment and why you respond that way. Learn where you are strong and play to your strengths. When you have defined yourself, you can also define the success you want – and you can begin the journey toward your basketball dreams. 



It is one thing to decide what you want. It is another thing to make a commitment. A commitment is like your signature on a contract. Your signature binds you to a course of action. When you make a deep commitment to your basketball goal, powerful forces come into play, propelling you toward that goal. The power comes from within you. It is there, and you may not even know it!



Here is where one three-letter word separates losers from winners. That word is HOW. Losers ask, “Can I do it?” Winners ask “How can I do it?” Losers are guided by what’s impossible. They see barriers and they stop in their tracks. Winners are guided by what’s possible. They see possibilities and then build upon them. By devising a strategy one possibility at a time, they achieve their goals.


Once you know where you want to go, your next step is to prepare yourself for the journey. Preparation involves acquiring the physical, mental/emotional, social and spiritual balance you will need to keep yourself on course, and the motivation to provide you with the energy to carry it out. 




Executing your basketball life’s plan involves three phases: 1) Action; 2) Learning; and 3) Applying. A good coach knows that a brilliant game plan is no good without proper execution. The team has to act upon the plan. It is the same with your success plan. It is not enough to simply have one. You have to implement it through positive action. Coupled with the action must be a learning process that allows you to profit from your inevitable mistakes. We never know whether a specific action will be successful until we have tried it. Once we have tried it, we can observe the results, learning what works and what doesn’t. Winners expect to make mistakes, but they use them as lessons. They apply what they learn toward implementation of the plan.



When you have achieved the last goal in your action plan, don’t stop.  Your life is not at an end. You are at a new beginning – unless you plan to die as soon as your vision is fulfilled. Successful people know that life is a continuously unfolding process, and they remain in control of the unfolding. When they reach that long-sought plateau, they immediately create their next vision. They move on to new plateaus, making new decisions and new commitments, planning, preparing, and executing until the new vision is achieved. Success builds upon success. 

If you follow these six steps, you will succeed – not because there is magic in the formula, but because there is power in you – the power to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish, and with God’s help, you can do it. 


With sharp, clearly defined goals you gain the ability to measure and take pride in what you have accomplished. By being able to take stock of all the hard work you have put into something, you can see the results of that work, which also serves to increase your self-confidence.  

Likewise, basketball goal setting gives you the ability to focus your attention and organize your schedule in order to make the most of your time. This powerful technique provides many advantages such as:

  • Achieving more

  • Improving performance

  • Increasing your motivation to achieve

  • Increasing your pride and satisfaction in your achievements

  • Improving your self-confidence

  • Eliminating attitudes that hold you back

  • Eliminating unhappiness


Studies have indicated that people who use goal setting effectively…

  • Suffer less from stress and anxiety

  • Concentrate better

  • Show more self-confidence

  • Perform better

  • Are happier and more satisfied


The process of basketball goal setting gives you the ability to see what you have accomplished as well as what you are capable of achieving. This translates into more confidence and a can-do attitude to achieve goals that appear to be difficult. 


When beginning the process of basketball goal setting, it is important to understand how basketball goals work. If you are interested in setting goals to benefit you in school, your personal goal setting can benefit other people. 


The personal goals you set should correlate with your personal values. Many people find it helpful to begin the goal-setting process by defining their motivations in life. Stand out by writing down words and sentences that you feel describe what you want out of life, the principles which guide you through life, and the things you want to achieve out of life. 

"To be GREAT and achieve YOUR own success in life, YOU must begin YOUR journey with an UNSHAKABLE confidence in YOUR own abilities. Whether others believe in YOU or not, YOU must believe in YOU!!!!! No one, I MEAN no one can make YOU feel inferior without YOUR consent......YOUR destiny will not be determined by circumstances or the opinions of others; YOUR destiny will be determined solely by YOUR own analysis of YOURSELF and what YOU believe YOU can do. GREAT people have chosen to ignore the naysayers and instead they buy into GOD'S view of them! What do you believe? Your brain is the GREATEST computer that WILL EVER BE CREATED! Use it, sharpen it, feed it with positive thoughts and create the world you want. THINK BIG!!!! AND WHEN YOU GET TIRED THINK BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


I feel that it is important for you to understand how people are motivated. There are three types of motivation:


  • FEAR MOTIVATION - If you miss this shot, your team will lose the game. I have found that Fear Motivation doesn’t work very well because it can cause resentment if the athlete misses the shot.

  • EXTERNAL MOTIVATION - “Holding a carrot in front of a donkey.”  You are rewarded for your efforts, possibly with a trophy or money. I have found that External Motivation works better than Fear Motivation, but it doesn’t seem to be good over the long term. 

  • INTERNAL MOTIVATION - The drive inside you that pushes you to become something more than anyone ever felt you could be. It comes from within you; it is enhanced through focused Goal Setting. Internal Motivation will last over the long-term if the desire is present and goals are set for a constant reminder that there is something left to finish. Internal Motivation is what works best!

So many times, I have seen athletes write down that they want to win a certain amount of games during the season. That is not a focused approach to setting goals, because you are only in control of what you can do, not everyone else. Besides, if you look at the word “winning” for a moment, you will find that it is difficult to define “winning”. If you cannot define something, it makes it hard to measure in terms of your goal setting. Take a more focused approach to setting your goals and you will see greater results over the long run. 


Some people are talented at basketball, some at football, some at baseball, some at volleyball, some at wrestling, some at lacrosse, some at softball, etc. Then there are some people who are talented at driving nails, shaping clay, speaking before audiences, writing novels, skating, acting, sewing, cooking, medicine, law, entrepreneurship, teaching, management, etc. 

EVERYONE IS TALENTED!  We are just talented in different ways. If you want to succeed, identify the areas in which you are talented and commit to developing those talents to the fullest. 


If there is a will, there is a way. 



In the world of goal setting, there are four reasons people do not set goals.


  • FEAR - Overcoming fear is essential for success. Courage is resistant to fear: mastery of fear, not absence of fear. 

  • POOR SELF-IMAGE - Self-confidence and assertiveness are two skills that are crucial to success in life. If you don’t feel worthy and you don’t know how to express your self-worth, life can be very painful and unfulfilling. 

  • NEVER BEEN SOLD ON GOALS - You have never been taught the importance of goal setting and it’s relevant value to a purposeful life of balance and security. 

  • DOESN'T KNOW HOW - Those uneducated about the goal-setting process were not taught how to dream, think big, and think small. They have never written down a bucket list of life’s challenges and desires. They do not come from a history of success and are products of their environment. MENTAL MIDGETS!!! 



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