Attitude is Everything!


The gold standard collection of life's truths, parables, and proverbs. They are force multipliers written to energize and empower you to do what you do best, even better.


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Time Out:
Coaching Winning Basketball


This book takes your through the in and outs of coaching winning basketball! From developing a coaching philosophy, communicating your approach, motivating players, planning for the season, preparing for practices, offense, defense, and basic skills and strategies for any coach! Excellent for a coach that is starting out!! Also great for a veteran coach looking to bring on a new look and philosophy!


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The Winning Edge:
Goal Setting & Time Management


Perfect for students and professionals. Time Management and Goal Setting go hand-in-hand in achieving amazing success. The WINNING EDGE spells out how to incorporate these techniques into your everyday life. An excellent read for anyone looking to do more and be more. This step-by-step process takes you through details that must be accomplished to prioritize your goals and manage time. No matter how big the goals - one can accomplish with the proper frame of mind and a passionate heart. The WINNING EDGE promises to help move you forward for amazing success. Techniques can be applied to anyone's life.


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Playing the Point Guard Position


The point guard position is the most complex position on a basketball floor! He/she must control the game with great skill, great basketball IQ, and a willingness to carry out the goals and objectives of the coach. Winning point guards must know how to manipulate the game and also have great leadership and verbal skills. This book takes you through all the offensive and defensive thinking that is a must to be effective at playing the point guard position.


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Greg White Basketball Camp


A thorough overview of skill sets and instruction on the fundamentals of playing basketball. From Mental Toughness to What is the Price of Success?, Coach White shows you what you need to succeed in the game of basketball.


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The Official Greg White Elite Camp Basketball


These are the exact balls that Greg's nationally recognized basketball camps use. Now, for the first time, you can own one of these collectible basketballs for your very own. Made of premium rubber, these basketballs are suitable for indoor or outdoor play. Or, as a display souvenir. Get your ball today!


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History of Marshall University Men's Basketball


The complete history of this storied Marshall program. From Cam Henderson, Hal Greer, Mike D'Antoni, Leo Byrd, Walt Walowac, Danny D'Antoni, Cebe Price, Russell Lee, to Charlie Slack, etc. From Marshall's first game in 1906 to racial integration in the 1950s, from the NIT to the NCAA tournament onto its current basketball status and storied tradition!


New release coming soon!

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